Dear Past Me

Mon, 02/12/2018 - 10:00 -- Roni_

Dear Past Me, 

       It's good to talk to you again. I can see that I've changed a lot and grown a lot and I know I need to apologize. Apologize for making you hate yourself and your body. Apologize for seperating you from those you truly care for. For making you believe that you were dumb. I never realized how toxic I was. I am truly my own worst enemy. I waged war on a body that all it did was support me and help me. I put myself through hell.

       Dear past me I don't deserve your forgiveness even though I know you would give it willingly. The only person you can't seem to forgive is yourself. You always see what you mess up on but for every one mistake you do a thousand things right. If you could only see yourself through my eyes as I look back on what we've done you would know that you've done amazing. You are strong and amazing no matter what you see yourself as. When it comes down to it no matter what happened back then and how you're feeling now just know that you are on a path that is moving no where but up. You have amazing friends that I swear on my life won't leave you. You will learn how to be who you truly are even if it takes you a little bit to figure out who that is. You already know everything you need to all it is now is putting it into practice. You will have hard times but you will walk out everytime with your head held high and even stronger.

Dear past me I come to you now not begging or groveling at your feet for forgiveness but to tell you that I know I don't deserve your forgiveness nor did I ever deserve you to even begin with. You never asked for anything except  to be loved and to be happy and I denied you that. Now you will meet someone who will never leave you he always makes sure that you are taken care of and listened to. He doesn't ask for much just your time and attention and you are more than willing to give it to him. He will make you realize that there's a reason it hasn't worked before.

Dear past me thank you for not giving up. Thank you for not taking those pills. I owe you everything including my life. You will forever be in my heart as the bravest person. I know it doesn't mean much now but thank you and I love you.

                                                            Yours Truly,

                                                 Your future self

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