Light For the Future


United States
38° 56' 2.4252" N, 75° 23' 16.2708" W

A short thought of the future, and what do you find?
A scared little girl who is scared out of her mind.
So many questions unable to be answered.
The darkness of the unknown envelops the space.
The world around can be a cruel, cruel place.

For she does not know, the direction in which she is heading.
But a mark on this world is what she wants to be embedding.
She lays still in the night, wishing to find her way.
A light guiding her into the future is all she asks,
but all she keeps seeing is frightening masks.

She looks for comfort in the books that she reads.
She also looks for comfort in the family that she needs.
With her family by her side, what else in the world can one need?
It is her life, for she is the pursuer.
She finally sees a light for the future.


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