Last Goodbye, First Hello


The flavor dances to the tip of my tongue;

Of the luscious sweetness of the first hello;

Biting at the first taste what life has strung;

And spitting out my past below.


My first hello of my new career;

Creating my dreams on a new frontier.

Making webpages as I go;

To help others also make their dreams grow.


My first hello of real love;

To make a family everyone dreams of.

A home of safety and true tranquility;

The blooming of believeability.


My first hello of rich wonderful beauty;

Creating a better self-esteem for others as my second duty.

Making a new flower bloom on a smiling face;

With soft skin, bright eyes, and sweet lips tied in place.


My first hello to hopes of a great life;

Sharing it to those whoever pass by.

Passing through obstacles and jumping over holes;

Hoping to reach all of my goals.


Each goodbye will be the last;

But there will always be a first hello.

The last goodbye to my past;

And the first hello to tomorrow.


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