Baby King!


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You are special in every way

You are simply cute all round

You emergence into my world is awesome

You brought hope, peace, joy, laughter, wealth and love

You increased my faith

You made me believe my prayers work

Four years I expected you

I waited, prayed, cried, confessed and declared

Yet there was no you

I started all over again

Until the appointed time

Until the WORD came….

The word that formed you

The word that brought you forth

With your arrival

A new me has emerged

The me that care endlessly for babies

The me that pray ceaselessly for expectant and expecting mothers

The ever-joyful me

You were named KING

You will live your name to the fullest

You are Kind, Inspirational, Neat and Godly

You will reign, rule and dominate

You are a Kiaring, Intelligent, New Generation

You are KING and none can stop you

None can successfully delay you

For you are a man of purpose

You are a man on course

And your journey you must complete

For this and many more my Baby King

I love you and welcome to my world.

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.

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