Why Can't That Be Me?


United States
38° 53' 13.362" N, 104° 41' 58.5564" W

Why can't that be me with the looks and the charm?
Friends in vast places
Skills and a swift mind
Creativity, athleticism, and all

Why can't that be me with the full ride scholarship?
Life planned out
Money isn't a problem
No need to stress, no need for aid

Why can't that be me going on vacation?
Traveling the world, my dream come true
Experiencing cultures
Eating new foods, relaxing

Why can't that be me with the material items?
Brand new car
New phone
New clothes

Why can't that be me with the job?
My own money to spend
Keeping myself occupied
Waking up with a purpose

Why can't that be me?
Why can't that be?
Why can't?

It's wiser to let the success of people motivate you to do better
Instead of envying them
Don't you agree?


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