I Could Feel You In My Fingertips

You call at me like destiny

And fly out of my grasp with the wind

You tempt me with your grandeur

Only to take it all away with your greed

You invite me in

You open doors to your palace and lead me inside by the hand

We make a new family

One that understands our struggles and commitment issues

One that stands by us when we curse the world

And hide from the daylight

Only for you to leave me hanging by a thread

On a ledge

Right by the precipice you know I know so well

You wanted me when I didn’t want to stay

You convinced me

To give you a chance

And I did

I fucking did


I’m here

Trying to fix the shards of my hope that you left behind

Were we not meant to be?

 Is this another moment where

I have to

Live in


You called at me like destiny

I could feel you in my fingertips,

Hovering just above my head

A cloud of what could be

And you flew away with the wind

Because you were too afraid to let me live.

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