Where are We Going?

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 04:51 -- Demina

Most have heard or read

the animated anecdotes of the dead.

They are given with joy and wrapped in a bow -

- stories of life, of music, of love.

But all anecdotes end.


Few ever say or re-claim

the solemn stories of the slain.

The souls that sigh. The souls that seek -

- seek peace again


None ever hear or read

the terrible truths of some long ago deed.

They are hidden with lies and sealed in a grave -

- stories of death, of silence, of hate.

But all deeds have an end.


Had we ever stopped to think,

might we all share a bonding link?

A link that ties us all with love

- a love for all?


Just where does our future lie?

Without the past we cannot fly.


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