This Is Where I See Myself

I’m seated in a comfy chair,

he’s running his fingers through my hair,

I’m thinking aloud as I write,

he’s letting my words take him there.


The story I tell fills the room with wonder,

and I speak of worlds torn asunder,

as outside we begin to hear the sound of rain,

and in the distance, soft booms of thunder.


Beside me lies a faithful hound,

more comfy on the sofa than on the ground,

he’s sound asleep and softly snoozing,

unbothered by the thunder’s sound.


I am at peace here in this place,

my own life, my very own space,

all my tragedies left behind me,

now shrouded in hope’s warm embrace.


I am now able to smile,

longer than just a little while,

and I take great joy in this,

because all I’ve done has been worthwhile.


With a brand new degree,

my whole life is still ahead of me,

and I can’t wait to see where it will lead,

or the person I’ll begin to be.


I watch the raindrops on the window,

and in the reflection see the fireplace aglow,

and I smile and think:

I dreamt of this not long ago.


With books to fill my living room shelf,

with someone to love, that loves me himself,

with a smile on my face, and my body in good health,

five years from now,

as much as my hope will allow,

this is where I see myself.



(Requested by: Andrea Hitchcock)

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