A world of improvements: Note to self and future humans

Why grades suck:


They do.

They’re irrelevant.

Yet they matter way too much.


No one remembers them in five years let alone six months.

They won’t determine how I live the rest of my life


Yet they will.


They won’t predict my success


Yet they will.


I’ll feel incapable

Even if I’m not


I’ll feel irrelevant

Even when I’m the most important


They don’t allow for my comparison to others

Yet I’m compared by them anyway

I compare myself and






They don’t dictate a damn thing in the world

Yet I’m terrified about one I’ve yet to receive


This mess is useless and unnecessary

yet I’ve fallen captive to it all


A casualty among the masses

Unmistakable yet unnoticed


We speak of global enhancements

Human victory

And Technological advancements


We plan to start with one microchip

And end on a new life


At 10 there’s a business call connecting two nations,

A luncheon for leaders of the future at noon

An 8 o’clock gala on global warming, avoiding doom


And at 10,

A night full of restless sleep for

one too many

A mess of souls who’ve learned

no other


Instead of focusing all efforts

And budgets

And Guest lists


To bettering the economy

Or making our waists slim


We must educate ourselves

We must educate the education system

We must provide the spark for a meaningful change


Grades should be numbers

We use as motivation

Not items misused

As misplaced retribution


Grades should not be


Framing perpetrators

Such as the “failed to turn in an assignment ‘

because I was out learning all

That life has to offer”


Perpetuating fear and

Blossoming disappointment


They should not work to lower our self confidence

And belittle all of our dreams


But allow us to





If we are to move forward in life

On this earth

In time


We must learn to abide by a new state of mind

  1. Don’t use intangible things for comparison

  2. Don’t let someone else’s perception make your decision

  3. Breathe and be free, knowing you’re allowed to be exactly who you are meant to be
This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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