My Comfort with the Unknown

Wed, 04/16/2014 - 19:20 -- hicopig


An average job
With an average pay
A comfortable setting
That’s my forte

I want to work
Stay humble and healthy
Meet someone, fall in love
And stay close to family

That’s only part of it
I’m nowhere near done
I have a whole plan
But I’m not sure the outcome

Its too far ahead
There are to many obstacles to fore-see
I could change my major, be in-debt
And then where would I be?

I know I love to write
And that’s something no one can take
I could just write for myself
I just want to create

Maybe I could start off as an editor
And write on the side
Sooner or later, my work will pay off
You’ll see my plays up in lights

Its really too complicated
To really tell
How things’ll turn out
But I’m sure it’ll be swell

Cause I’m thankful to be here
With you all in turn
What I’m given, I’ll take
With every lesson that I’ve learned

I’ve convinced myself
Of one theory
That I can turn any bad seed
Into a cherry.


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