Do I want


23, responsibility free

Single? (possibly ready to mingle)

Five years master (double major)

Beautiful disaster, double the wager

Perfectly able

Financially Stable

Do I want


Our eyes lock and settle

I practically hear the whine of the kettle

Telling me the tea is done

My own little cup of Sun

Though we’ve barely passed each other by

I’ve seen Our Life Together flash before my eyes

Do I want


Of course this isn’t love at first sight

Of course we’ve danced late into the night

We’ve had five years to take things slow

Could I possibly be ready to go?

Soak the presence like a sponge

Hold my breath and take a plunge

Do I want


Coats that are far too big for me

Envisioning all that I can see

Tangled legs, rumpled sheets

Scrambled eggs, quiet streets

Settling down doesn’t mean I must stop

Maybe together we’d reach the top?

Do I want


You’d find out in thr-


Simple lines.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world
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Pure beauty


Omg thank you! Have a great day!

Fitzy Marlote

Sounds like you're horribly infatuated with someone, still searching or both.


Nope, just a "what if". I wrote this for fun, dude. This isn't about any particular person lol

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