The Joy of Baking


The Joy of Baking


Do what you love

Never work a day

Alone in the apartment

Just the oven and I.


I bake up a storm

Never stopping to worry

Just cookies and cakes

All night in my kitchen.


I love the hard work

The mixing and measuring

It’s worth all the hours

To see the joy on their faces.


I bake, not for me

But for others to love

For the enjoyment I see

Is payment enough.


For now it is free

But one day I hope

To branch out and open

A store of my own.


So for now I work hard

Towards my business degree,

For one day I know

The work will pay off.


Childhood was hard

My family is poor

Working class mother

With no father to help.


I will be better

And show all those that doubt

No stereotype can stop me

The statistics are wrong.


The tougher I am

The better I’ll be

For owning a business

Is no easy feat.


But I stand here with confidence,

And know that I can

I will break away

From all that I was.



I will be great

You’ll see one day

For happiness alone

Is successful enough.


Tell me I can’t

And watch while I do

I’ll open this bakery

And I’ll own it too. 


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