The Car Ride of LIfe

My life, I watch it from the passanger side

of the car, go go go and never come back.

Today, apart of me; who I am died.

In my head the words floated eloquently,

but bursting forth they lacked tact.

Like always, I ran

Like always, I laid silent

Like always, I let them drive my life.

Now, I have committed myself away

for four years I must stay,

at a place I was forced to choose.

I never knew how much I had to loose,

until I gave up my freedom.

Bound I am to this new world,

if you ask them, they will insist there were



But listen to me when I say to you

There was only


Why? Because the argument

could never, never be won.

Their ears are made of stone

Their minds set, unchanging

Their faces, I can't look at,

without blaming them, for this unhappiness

for this wretchedness

for this complete and utter annihlation

of myself.

Forever, I will watch my life pass

from the passanger side of the car,

while they drive, drive, drive.

I waited, for God to direct me,

but he never came through,

never whispered one way or another.

So here I am, ignoring my heart, my head


to go where they send me.


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