The unknown future

We're all traveling down this road

The road to our futures

We all have different destinations, but we're all going somewhere or nowhere

It's exciting to think about what we are traveling towards

There's also an uneasy feeling along with stepping towards the future

No matter how much planning you do,

The future is never foretold

These exciting and uneasy feelings leads you further and further along this road

It seems as though you never reach the end of it

There is always something coming in the future

We are constantly traveling towards something or nothing

 I step toward a few things...

A life of artistry and business all rolled into one

Using the faces of women as my empty canvas to paint upon

Hoping to make them feel beautiful inside and out

I hope to change the world while traveling down this road

I'm headed that way excited and a little uneasy

For the future feels so close

And I continue to travel 







What are you traveling towards?

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