Have you ever looked around and see how beautiful the world is?

Being filled with all kinds of people.

Although our insides may be similar,

Our outsides are different.


There are those who walk on two legs,

Those who walk on one leg,

And those who have none.


We may all have eyes,

With different colors like blue, green, maybe even brown,

But some eyes are color blind,

Some may have cataracts,

And there are those who can’t see.


We may all have a mouth.

But when they’re opened,

We don’t speak the same language.

Some speak English,

Some speak Japanese,

Some speak ASL,

And others may not speak at all.


We may all have a layer of skin,

Some may be olive, yellow, tan, or brown,

Some may have freckles,

And some may be wrinkly.


But at the end of the day,

We are human beings,

Who lives on the same planet,

Who breathes the same air,

Who should stick together,

Even if each of us are different,

we should be proud of who we are.


Being different means...

Learning new things from different people.

Being different means...

Eating different kinds of food.

Being different means...



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