My own “Prince Charming”

Thrown into life with no say;

born to a mother in a high school daze

who’s only direction was the bottle

of hard A – “adult juice”.

A father who gambled – and lost –

his leading role in this narrative.

Lost his existence in his “little princess’s” life

to prison. An infant with nowhere to call “home”

she sought comfort at grandma’s.

There the base began to be built;

the foundation to the future.


The whole world suddenly at her feet.

A young girl fueled by ambition, affection and assurance.

You could see – in this one – the intensity in her caramel eyes.

An “anything is possible if you try” kind of attitude.

The type that tries to love everyone and

show how plentiful their worth truly is.

Her dreams and hopes reached far past the farthest galaxy.

What could go wrong?



A land where the “American dream” slowly turns

into something of fiction. Where nothing in reality resembles

those beloved Disney stories she once divulged in.

The truth is; we don’t all reach our dreams.

We aren’t all treated fairly.

We don’t all get an equal chance.

And not all “step-mothers” are “evil”.

We are obligate to fight

for what we know we deserve.

We struggle for our “happy ending”.



I will battle for my “happy ever after”

I know what my passion can obtain.

I am NO damsel in distress!

I will be my own “prince charming”.

My own Hero!

The prize is for the taking!



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