Chasm of the Chase

In losing, but still finding

In finding, feeling lostness

In dreams achieved, you’ll notice 

The unavoidable abyss 

The chasm of the chase: ever yearning, never sate

Yet still we work our will to wade the shallows of our fate


When all there is, achieved

Another stitch to hold the seam

But burst again in shedding of each embryonic dream 

No fabric of the future, 

No pull to reminisce

As shells submerged in ink-black water, or sight consumed by mist


Consummate your courage 

And alterate your life 

Face the fear of failure as you fall into the night

Do what you can to be there in every moment's pass, with little judgement to ensnare 

the wisdom of the last


To be still and six feet under

Or alive as buzzing bees

As loud as roaring thunder 

And as free as summer's breeze

Flow with feeling nowness, and maybe you will find

The purpose of the moment informed by present peace of mind


This poem is about: 
Our world


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