Your Words Do Not Define Me

Your words do not define me

For I define myself

Not with power and glory

Nor money and wealth


You'll see her in the corner 

You'll see her by herself

You'll see that she's a loner

But you're blind to her cry for help


                                       Or are you?


Your words do not define me

For I define myself

I choose who who I want to be 

Not my disease and my health


You'll see him in the fast lane

You'll see him with the crowd

You'll see that he has lots of fame

But you can't hear his thoughts of doubt


                                        Or can you?


Are you blind or ignorant?

Are you needy or greedy?

Are you deaf or unconcerned?

Ask yourself if you care.


Are you the ugly in their thoughts?

Are you the sadness in their tone?

Are you the reason for their rot?

And the graving on their tombstone?


Are you the gun they used to take their life?

The pills to let them drown?

Are you the reason they gave up the fight?

And the body that they found?


Your words do not define me

But you let them define them

You told them what you saw

And that's what they became


Do you want my definition

Of how I see myself?

I was one of your "definitions"

In your millions that you've said.


You saw me with a cover

A mask, a disguise, 

You saw what I chose to be 

Not what I meant to hide


I am smart 

I am kind

I am talented

I am strong

I am funny

I am loyal 

I am happy

I am enough 


So what are you? Would you let me know?

In the comments that are down below

This poem is to end on this note

But only if you choose to 






This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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