Love Letter to Myself

He does not deserve you

And you deserve someone better.

You deserve someone

Who can see the fire in your eyes.

The passion in every action you make.

The exuberance with which you take each breath.

The wild in your smile.

The love in your heart.

The wanderlust in your soul.

The stardust in your veins.

You are lovely and wonderful and strange.

You are whole entirely on your own.

Something most people will not know how to love.

But one day, sometime soon or maybe far from now,

He will come into your life.

And he will stare at you with wonder.

He will give you his heart

And you will give him yours in return.

He will love you the way you’ve dreamed of.

Perhaps he will be as strange and wonderful as you

Or perhaps he will be an ordinary boy

Who happens to fall in love

With an extraordinary girl.

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