Love Yourself

Dear little girl,  It's okay, no need to fear. You were meant to be here. Your contemplation and hesitation Don't let it cloud you; don't let it drown you.Just do what you do; be you. One day you'll have all the fun.One day you won't have to run.    Dear young teen girl, I know you hate to be seen.It's okay; no need to cry Or ask yourself why The girl you sit next toMakes your heart beat through you - Just hold your head high; You don't have to die.    Dear teen boy,  It's okay, don't worry.No need to say you're sorry.You've waited years too long;Donn't let fear tell you wrong.Open your heart without fear,Take your hand and wipe that tear.      Dear young man,  You've made it so far;Always at war with your mind You unwind The path of life Is like a knife Cutting you deep,But your scars you will keep.Wear them proud.Speak your mind loud,And smile;Life has been worthwhile.           With love, The future you're made of.

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