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Hey today was fun and interesting
I was loud and you were determining
What was I like was it all true
Would I be awful and make you blue
How is it that you came and weren't afraid
Why is it that I paid
I am a giving person and care more than some might think
I laugh and cry I say goodbye
But I am not a jinx
and goodbye means Thanks
You're funny and kind
And my talking you don't mind
Your ears are attached and I haven't thrown a hissy
My brother is very protective of his sissy
But he trusts me and I'm sure he would like you.
And you seem to show your character to be true.
In the future we may be closer than we are now
But only time will tell when and where and how
I may say yes when you ask
But asking my mom that's another task
It will work if we each do our part
The future might contain us together heart to heart


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