Being a Mom is Awesome


Watching ultrasounds that reveal his heart flutter

Instant unconditional love that makes me melt like butter.


Nine short months of kicks and hiccups

Easily was my greatest excuse for abstaining from sit-ups.


Finally born a November baby

Expect Thanksgiving to always be extra crazy.


His face changing each and every day

It makes my emotions feel all sorts of dismay.


Tender was the moment when he started to crawl

More so when he would take his first couple steps and fall.


Late nights and early mornings

You think babies would come with label warnings.


Slowing teaching him his ABC’s

And how to count to one, two and three.


Grateful I am that we are learning together

Investing in my son is a task that will last forever.


He gives me motivation to finish school

I want him to look at me in the future and say, “Hey, my mom is cool”.


Receiving my diploma will surely make me cry

But at least my baby will learn to work hard and reach for the sky!

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