Art Imitates Life


Poetic justice which

Whispers in my thoughts

Soft influence

Leads me to my own conclusions

No wrong answers

Indiscernible meanings


Lead me to always have


The future of my own life in the words I read

And desire to write


Poets are internal

Found inside bus stops, subways, coffee shops

Words are inferior without the way they write them

People everywhere, to each their own internal ideas.


Poetry is the element that extracts





Such as mine

Evoked through childhood authors

Evolved into reading the classics

Emerging me as who I am today.


Past quotes still tumble through my thoughts

Every now and then

Bringing up old memories

New notions

Presence in my current life

Impact in the present.

Quotes can have such power to an individual

A single phrase can be lived by.

As they say, art imitates life.


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