I Want

I want to read an entire library.

I want to write letters to close aquaintances in cursive, signed "sincerely."

I want to look up at the night sky and know exactly what star formations I'm looking at.

I want an abundance of floral print dresses to wear to farmer's markets and flea markets.

I want fresh flowers sitting on my kitchen counter everyday,

Where I go to make tea every morning

Before I go sit on my porch swing with a good book to watch the sun rise.

I want to live in a yellow house in a green field with a red barn, all surrounded by a white picket fence.

I want a love so stable and strong that I never worry about it.

I want an "it was always you" kind of love with a spark that never dies.

I want little Charlotte and Wesley to grow up feeling so loved and protected,

And I want to be able to give them the world.

I want to sit back at the end of it all, a strong arm around my shoulder,

As we look out at our grandkids playing in our green field,

And I want to be able to find peace in knowing I lived and loved to the fullest.

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