What makes you tick: Bullies




They push us around, laugh when we're down

We don't exist in their world, unless we're a clown

They call us names from “fat” to “four eyes”

Or completely ignore us like we're just another wall

but all we want is to be recognized

Not for what they think we are, but who we really are


We are more than just tools, or fools in this school

We mean more than they know, we do more than we show

We have feelings too, you know?


It's not just physical but mental too

words pierce deep like a knife in a wound

people loose control and break down to nothing at all

Look around, who's missing in town?


The names we are called

the things we are told

They hurt, most people should know

Some of us ignore it until it eats at us alive

We can't help being different it's just how we live life



They are your average “cool” kid

Teacher, or parent

They don't understand what they are doing

but they do it all the time


It's sickening, disgusting, stomach churning

Some think their words are motivational, inspiring

Stop and think, is it helping? Or making it worse


Everyone needs someone there to help

but bullies are all around

They acquire all of the help, they are needy and twisted manipulative and worse

Why can't everyone be recognized? Not just the ones that push others down


Bullies, they are ruling our towns.



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