Little Light of Mine

Patiently wading, 

holding onto my mind 

through the storm. 

Every person has a day, 

over time, 

the day has got to come. 

Embrace a grind, we won't 

have to grind 

for long.

This little light of mine? 

I'm going to let it shine for sure.

Cold hearted, 

can't seem to find the cure.


erased the only life I've ever known. 

In hindsight, 

dark skies made me pure.

Love wasn't in sight, lust gave it try, 

and had me lured.

I held tight onto the pain, 

I endured.

Looked up to the sky, 

Pleading for mercy onto my soul.

In exchange, to save my life, 

I had to let go. 

What's that look in my eyes? 

Stories I'll regret if untold.  

So, This little light of mine, I'm going to let it shine for sure.

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