i wasted my wishes on you and now they're gone when i need them most

upon a dandilion i blew 

its seeds floaten soflty on a breeze so true

and the wish that engulfed my heart and my soul

was a wish that had something to do with you


that night i saw a shooting star

its ail cast across the darkening horizon afar

and what my broken self wished for to make myself whole

was you, though now  it seems bizzare...


i prayed apon a midnight moon

not only for the the pain and tears to stop soon

but what the nest thing i pleaded for takes its own toll

i wasted my helpless prayers on you


never again did i see another star

wish on weeds; it left so many scars...

all my hope is all gone and ive lost my controll

and now all my wishes are gone...wished on you from the start.




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