2020 A Vision Of The Future


United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W

The world is changing at the speed of light,

The fighters love and the lovers fight.

The meaning of love is no longer known,

But the hate within us is no longer shown.

The world is better, but is also worse, 

The pride of our nation denies all remorse.

Violence has subdued, so the world is great?

Or have all the people been indulged in hate?

We know not what we speak, so there is no truth,

We've engraved our ignorance inside our youth.

Criminals hide amongst the shadows of the unknown,

The same shadows in which the killers are grown.

No hope for the nation, as a whole we've reached damnation.

War is no more, and their is no more fighting,

And former enemy nations have started uniting.

Peace has been achieved, or have we all been deceived?

All is well, that's what we've all perceived.

It seems as though the end is near, with no postpone, 

It seems the end is near, but nothing is written in stone.

We're trapped in a dystopia and surrounded by greed,

And nobody is aware of the governments creed.

We preach brotherhood from sea to shining sea,

But in this world...only the blind can see.



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MVP-Most Valuable Poet

this poem is amazing

the express in what you envision involves change

in order to change anything, people must want to change themselves

keep building and writing

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