Moving Along


In elementary school,

I was told:

To look both ways before crossing the street,

Do not run with scissors

Don't cheat in hide and seek.

Friends are forever,

And secrets are kept discreet. 


In middle school,

I was told:

To keep up with your studies,

Be respectful to your teachers and peers.

Wear goggles in science for safety,

And be ready; high school is near.


In high school,

I am currently told:

To not get with the wrong crowd,

And continue getting good grades.

To advise and listen,

Keep in line with the passing days.


And it's scary because

I feels like it was just yesterday... 

When I was only nine years old,

In the third grade.

And thinking that high school and college-

Were so far away.


I am now almost eighteen years old,

And with all the lessons I've been taught,

I think the most important

Is to never give up.

Don't think to stop.







I remember this scary feeling so very well, and in your writing you expressed the important parts of those times in our lives all the while showing just how fast they come and go. I am sorry to say it won't go any slower, but I can promise there will come moments where you feel like you are finally catching up- and those moments will be worth it. You were able to express exactly what you wanted and exactly what you wanted to say. Something that is very relateable between you and the reader. Thank you for sharing this piece. 


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