Who I am; Really


I had come to realize the pattern

in which the seasons of my life came and went

and how the colors of the sky were warm and bright

each night before the dark cold breeze

came and stole it away.


I learned that my old soul was not made

for the fast paced future I am being thrown into.

I watch movies and look at old pictures

I seem to place myself in, like ones where

children had authentic childhoods.  Although now,

if you asked someone what that actually ment

you would get one-hundred different answers.


There was a time before I was born

where words, music, love, it all ment something

and they were righteous and meaningful.

It was a time where the American Dream was attainable

if you followed a simple list of Do's and Dont's.

But as I sit here so unsure of my future

I sadly realize that I do not live here

and I never will.


You can sit here and try to reasure me;

But I know the truth!


I live in 2015.

Yet my heart still yearns for what I have never known

and where I wish to be;

in the confusing and lovely devoted moments of

being a kid in the 60's.

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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