The Future Before Me

The Future is not simply something that can be contained into a box or in the palm of my hand

It is not even something we can see fully and yet try to comprehand 

We all want and all need and want to find out paths in life

We all want to have happiness with the absense of strife

Me...? I want to rise above my doubts, and create something more

I want to be heard but stand back between reality's stone encased doors

I want to love and to laugh and to play and to sing

But I want to feel sadness so I can remind myself of what good things life can bring

I want to further my education and meet new opporunities and find my place

But I'll have to study hard and remember finishing first isn't the reason of the race

It's about growth and diligance and enjoying the journey before you

I want to feel that expierence and find another who might feel it too

I want to graduate from college and find my dream job hereafter

I don't mind starting at the bottom because this how you test the waters

And this is how you learn to climb the latter and how you learn new things

If everything was easy it would be a boring puppet show on strings

I want to understand the feeling of being the under and top dog

I want to understand hard work and to feel at ease when off the punch-in log

But of all these things I want and that can be obtained through patience

Theres one thing I want the most and what most people wnat among the nations

I want to find my other half; My soul, my heart, my reason

I want to find that path of life that hides in all the seasons

Because love is a hard thing to find and even harder to obtain

And its harder to accept because you don't want to visualize future pain

And its not the pain and struggle that we fear the most

Its the fear of having tried the hardest but still feeling like that love is lost

I want to see my future with them and see the brigther days

And when we see the rain, stay inside ,and listen to the noises that play

I want to feel the heartbeat that lines with my own

I want to hear the voice that makes me weak kneed all the way up and down

I want to stare into the eyes that made me double take years ago

I want to lean into the arms that make me strong even when I'm low

And last of all to make us into a family, the final gift and scariest moment of them all

9 months and to finally see the miracle that makes us both stand tall

To here their laugh and giggles, and hold them close when they cry

And 18 years later see them walk down the path and cross the threshold line...

Tears and pain and Laughter and Belief from long the past times of myself

This is the future that I want to have, and I believe so does everyone else....

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