Future Counselors of America


I’ve seen the promising become promise-less, helpless, useless


A straight A student taking a straight edge razor to prescription pills

To heal the hell until she fell

Drowning neck high in alcohol


A mess she confessed, guilty of needing help

Pleading to get back on track

But with one crack, a smack

Of the gavel her fate is sealed


Guilty- one judge, one chance at rehab and perhaps a new stance, a new chance

In life




Instead, in chains, constrained like a murderer

When all she killed was the future her


Carted down the corridor like the prisoner she was inside of her


How’d she get here, trembling in fear – detox near, till you hear “All Clear”

SLAM, all doors closed behind


Too often I’ve seen the promising become the promise-less, helpless, useless.


When is it up to us for them to trust that help is there screaming loud and clear

It’s ok to come here, have no fear dear. We’ll get through this peer to peer


A mistake should not take, make and create your fate


All too often I’ve seen the promising become the promise-less, helpless, useless like me


A mistake should not take! I commiserate, lets recreate and take back your fate.

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