Growing young has just begun


United States
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I don't know, really.
All these questions seem silly;
school, debt, life, a home, retirement-
these questions seem like a punishment
for growing up but staying young,
when we've all just begun.
Caught in between the life of an adult and a child,
where is the motivation that once made this all worthwhile?
Acing a test brought us smiles, every hurt was greeted with a hug;
now acing it's expected, and hurts are shoved off with a shrug.
I know, I know, people care,
but they've lost themselves somewhere.
Maybe they got lost in the hallways of our big, new school,
or their past toppled like a two-legged bar-stool.
I miss the days when sunlight lasted for as long as we wanted
and our dreams, not our futures, were the only things that were haunted.
Now we have to watch our step and creep around every twist and turn,
so as not to offend or condescend, and not “get some ice for that burn.”
Growing pains aren't just physical, they're like stretch-marks that don't go away,
memories last, people in the past, but it will get better with each day.


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