Merely A Dream

What happened?Everything started out fine.Happy.Wholesome.Good family fun.It gave me hope for a bright future.A hope that raised me up to a beautiful sky.Only to let me fallAnd watchMy dreams as theyD i e d . My hands burnedAnd blisteredIn a bright future that had lashed backWith cold, hard facts.Flash back to the time when tomorrow didn’t matter.When did it begin to matter?When did I start to care?That graduation was drawing near,That I couldn’t hear my own heart beatOver all of my fear. What day last year did I realizeThat everything I told myself was full of lies?What hour did I understandThat I did know what I wanted to do,Who I wanted to be,What exactly it was that I wanted to achieve.I had known all alongIt was only thatThe worldHad told me it was merelyA dream. Mother,Father,You loved my desires.Yet, without realizing,You had chained them to my feet.Supported my hobby,But told me to think of a plan B.But, now my burns are healing,Bandages have been applied.And I can once again seeThat beautiful skyThat I once sawBefore I learned how toF l y . 

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