Past. Present. Future?



I know about my past.

I think about the time that I clumsily tried to cut my own hair

With a pair of scissors meant to cut construction paper

I think about the day of my first karate class

And I think about the first time

When I saw a man dressed as a bat fight an evil clown


I know about my present

I feel excited and terrified to be a freshman once again

My body aches and tightens as I train for my black belt

And I struggle as I write a story

About a heroic superman fighting a force of evil


But it is my future that I am uncertain about

Will I make new friends in college?

Or work alone and in solitude?

Will I teach karate like I was once taught?

Or will my body be broken and weak?

Will I spend the rest of my days writing stories?

Or will I have to struggle for my every meal?


Will my future be the result of destiny?

Do I have to stumble around in the dark?

I do not know

And that is what scares me

But someone has brought me this far

I know that I couldn’t have done it alone

My only choice is to trust him about my future

And that everything will turn out for the best



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