10 Long Months


United States
40° 20' 57.2568" N, 94° 52' 22.1124" W

I've been at this for more than ten months,
Vying and trying for my chance,
At a little cash to help pay my way,
So my parents can stop this dance.

We sway back and forth on the line,
A line which no one should go near,
One that says, 'Oh hey, you own a house?
Sell it and hide in fear.'

The voice continues to taunt us,
Breaking hopes and dreams,
Goodbye Ivy Leagues that rejected me,
It seems it was not meant to be.

Affirmative action, continue to taunt me,
Making it seem as though,
Because my parents both went to college,
I should be able to too.

It doesn't seem to realize,
These are different times,
I'm not in India,
These are not clear lines.

But I walk them, teetering side to side,
Hoping to gain the time I bide.


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