The Perfect Dance

I walk along a field of grey

Upon a cloud above the earth

As high as Aether, just the sky,

But wait, what beauty's caught my sight?


She spins a circle in my mind

And twists old magic with her gaze,

Her arms reach out and bring me in

Although she never calls my name.


Her arms and hands are like the dawn

Outstretching rays of sweeping light,

To cast away the dark before

With every brush of life diffused.


Her legs more nimble than the stag, 

Who leaps to barely touch the ground,

Her feet, unknowing of the dirt,

As cherubs are of knowing sin.


Her hair spins out more fair than gold, 

And darker than the nighttime shade,

Its strands melt out into the wind

As if each lock was made of air.


Within her eyes are skies of blue,

And deepest seas, and forests green,

Grand mountains tall, and plains of brown;

Within the windows of her soul.


And---oh!---That smile draws me in!

If factions sworn immortal hate

Her mouth could make them join in love,

To thus ensure she never frown.


I sit, enraptured by the frame

Of something more than simple grace,

For in her heart is beauty too

And wisdom that surpasses time. 


If all that I could have is this,

To just behold her in this dance,

I'd stay here till the day I die

And it would be a life well spent. 


But then she starts to drift away,

A saddened smile as she leaves,

I reach my hand to draw her back

And that was when I woke in bed.


She may be gone, but she'll return,

For she's a dream within my heart:

She is the soul I'll meet in time

The one I'll someday call my wife. 


Until she comes back into view

To start with joy our new romance,

I guess I'll wait for her to come

And lead me to the perfect dance.


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