Time Machine

Back to the days
When we believed everything anyone ever told us.
Do we still remember them?
It seems to me,
Those days were so long ago,
Passed by so quick.
Now look at us.
We’ve grown up,
But only enough to realize
That people will tell you things to get their way,
And eventually it will backfire.
Back to the days
When fairytales were real,
And a prince was one day gonna come sweep us off our feet,
And take us to his castle to live happily ever after.
Back to the days
When we thought we were invincible,
When we weren’t afraid of anything.
Back to the days
When homework was 1 + 1,
And the drama was over who stole your crayons.
Back to the days
When the world was our friend,
And enemies never existed.
When superheroes fought off all the bad guys,
And whenever we needed help,
Superman would be there for us.
Back to the days
When life was so simple,
Stress free,
And we didn’t have responsibilities.
Back to the present,
Where we can’t believe anything we hear,
The princes are really heartbreakers,
Happily ever after only happens in movies.
Almost everyone we put our trust in can hurt us,
And no one is invincible.
Fear is what makes us,
Homework takes an all-nighter,
Drama consumes the majority of our lives.
True friends are nearly impossible to find.
Enemies are real,
Superman isn’t,
So if you need help,
You’re on your own.
Bad guys lurk around every corner.
Nothing is easy,
Or stress free,
And responsibilities run the very world we live in.
Forward to the future.
It may be hard now,
But we’ll get there some day.



I miss the past when life was stress free


I miss the past when life was stress free too, hence the inspiration for the poem! Thanks for taking your time to read it! Love the comments!

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