You can’t win quite

As much as you lose

No- not a game, a talk, a song


Everything I’ve experienced

Has stuck with me like a dream

I am a rock in field of moving particles

Left here, without a way


Of course the chances are

stacked against me

When I’m stranded without

A say


It really isn’t you

Or him

Or her

Who dictate this

Mess of a street


Crumbling and falling

Between It’s own cracks

Never knowing when to admit



The one thing I’ve learned

From losing at my best

Would have to be that life

Gangs up against you


It’s a whirlwind

That turtles you

In the thrusts of the ocean

To give you

Something to relate to


To learn how to swim

In such an unfortunate mess

Is a skill

That few of us learn


But to learn how to breath

Underneath the sea

Is something only

The wealthy



This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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