Dear Future

Dear future,


    If only my eyes can wonder into the unknown

and unlock the mysteries to be known.

Why, you are a master at keeping secrets

and a bad person at letting them go.

You never seem to be concerned of my present

as you wait for me in the unknown.

You rise above the gentle blue sky

looking down below waiting for me to catch up.

You make me guess of what is to come

and plan for what I don't know.

You watch me navigate my decisions

knowing what I have lost

and gained from my mistakes. 

    You suck the air up above

to only run into a new futuristic setting

as I make what was once my future my present

then all of a sudden my past.

I say stop it! Let me catch up

you laugh but you never lend a hand

you see but you never speak to me

you dream but you never let me in,

at least not until my future becomes my present.

As I sleep my dreams try to cheat me

into what you have been mixing up for me

to do in the future but they are unclear

since I lack the knowledge you already have.

Is it pointless to talk to you,

I feel like I'm talking to a cloud full of fluff.

                             Sincerely, The Past & Presnt

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