I'm doing better
She says she hears it
In the sound of my voice
And I wonder if she hears
You in there too
The worst thing you can say
To someone who hasn't let go
Is what I said a week ago
The thing is I love you...
Just not like I used to
The bad thing about being a poet is
Wanting all our relationships to fall
Into the mold of a fairy tale
Attempting to live a heightened existence,
That very well,
Might not live up to the romanticism
The truth is I've been in love once 
If I close my eyes and let down my guard
I'm overwhelmed
As much as I would like to think I've forgotten
The heart reminds me that it does not forget
I can still see the memory of the trip we planned to take to Paris
And it's a damn shame when your memories
Are only half your creation
I know you still hold the other half of them
Or at least
I'd like to think you do
The future she planted took up the totality of my present 
We coexisted together 
We created worlds together
And in my mind 
I was a god and she was a goddess
But to the fill the empty memories inside my heart
I told you I loved you
Because no one wants to eat
Éclairs in the Parisian moonlight alone 



You've evolved so much as a writer. This is succinct, powerful. I love it! One of your best pieces yet! Certainly worthy of a 5/3 but I don't have that option when I vote on the rating.


Thanks so much! I'm definitely working on being more concise with my writing. I'm still trying to develop my style but at the same time I like being eclectic in my writing and doing new things. Thanks for the comment though!

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