Finding Her Future

Finally we’ve reached twenty seventeen,

And it’s time to reflect on last year’s scene.

Once upon a time there was a broke girl

Who decided she should give a job a whirl.

She applied and interviewed high and low,

Before finding a job that would provide her with dough.

She thought being a camp counselor would be a win-win,

Cute kids and getting paid… Oh how wrong she’d been.

Day one was not fun, and the kids were insane

She thought about what she did to deserve this pain.

But she calmed herself and took a deep breath

And hoped the kids wouldn’t be responsible for her death.

The rest of the summer came and passed,

Slowly, she found herself having a blast.

Sure the kids were crazy and loud,

But they’ve grown and she couldn’t be more proud.

Kids will be kids, and not everyone is fit to handle it,

But she found herself liking them, bit by bit.

By the time the summer ended and her job was done,

She realized that this was a lot of fun.

Promising the kids she’d be back next year,

She went back to school with many memories she held dear.

Going into the summer all she wanted was cash,

But at the end, she had gained more than a stash.

She had the knowledge that children would be a part of her future,

And the happiness and proudness was enough to be her lure.


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