Nearly there, don't stop

I sometimes imagine what it must be like to stand in such big shoes

A size 10 1/2, they say, reaches halfway across the world


Behind my eyes dance the swirls of a life I wish will come to me

Solid pictures with your face smiling at the camera

Me and you hold hands and grin like the happy couple we have become


I sometimes imagine the color of my blush when you touch my hand

bright cherry or the pastel pink that makes you laugh and tug me closer

Do you know that you turn me into a campfire every time you flex


That dimple you keep in the corner of your mouth drives me up the wall

Your scars don't scare me anymore, Baby Boy

I kiss them the same as the rest of you

My lips grow tender where your skin gets rough


Can I just say that you are the awkward meme cat to my fanfiction and

the half used up eraser to my favorite mechanical pencil

You pinch my arm when my life gets mundane

and point to the sky when I ask what's up


Once you told me you'd inform me the second you fell in love with me

I'm afraid I made no such promises to you so

I guess you'll figure it out soon enough


But I really need to get this off my chest

I haven't stopped falling since the first time I saw you wriggle your hips


I like you so much

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