Fear that Future Ahead of You

Wed, 03/20/2019 - 00:38 -- Cregory

Am I Good Enough? My dreams are not in the clouds They are right in front of me I see them vividly All my aspirations and goalsCollege, lawyer, politicianIt seems so simple. But am I brave enough to reach out in front and grab the future Will I drop it Can someone help me I have spiraled I am scared It’s too much I’m not smart enough I’m not fast enough I’m not brave enough! But I am enough?I was born enough?  I will not cover my head and shut my eyes My future is too bright for me to hide in the shadows I grow strong and powerful with a few magic seedsYou can do itYou have what it takesYou’re ready  And then  I grab it and suddenly I’m not afraid     

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