Barking Dogs from the Thunder

"Never again"

History's a cruel mystery

But how clever a pen

Cinema's sentiment's more cinnamon-sweet

We're amateur janitors just been sent in to sweep

Epilogue for a demagogue when we set him asleep

Definite detriment to a venomous veep

The attery had to be met with Academy praise

Ironically iconic, same as the man it portrays

Did it debili-Tatum to see ol' Channing amaze

As a man so vile he had us banning a phrase

"A revelation!"

Said The Nation commenting on devastation

Reenacted pre-refracted with scenes protracted for declamation

A film so thorough that they teach it to kids

Then have 'em watch it later just to see what they missed

They think it's silly, a fairy tale, but we know it's all true

We've seen the hard proof, we don't get it in cartoons

We saw the Trump regime come to blows and fall to knees

We saw the fatal flaws invading our democracy

We didn't change a letter of our precious petty philosophy

We still disenfranchise, fight senseless wars

And pretend we're any better than Mike Pence before

We pollute and don't pay attention

We salute, but don't say or mention

We say we'll hear people out

But refute with the same intentions

We just set up amendments

Went around, trying to forever pretend that we'll never again it

Trump died in jail, but he might as well have stayed

He's free as a nightingale, an exciting tale on stage

Applaud whoever plays him, call it bravery and courage

Let what had happened whittle to unsavory occurence

And though we have gone little ways to waver his endurance

We'll do it all again, just in the name of self-assurance

It's what happens when we safeguard less and ask for more

"Never again?"

Now, where have I heard that before?

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My country
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