Ryan Summers            Politician         April 27, 2014

My niche is filled with chat of the upcoming elections

And the debate with others who detest my views.


“How could you support a woman’s right to choose

 And not the war on drugs which punishes the downright dirty?”



I have no voice,

And not while those mongers are bickering in Congress.


“Can I really change the world we live in

Or is it a waste of my fucking time?”

Either way,

I want to make a difference.


I want to make a difference for those who have no voice,

Those who are constantly oppressed.

I want to help those who are left to go hungry,

Those who are raped and have no place to turn,

Those who struggle every day,

While those who are “helping” them perch high and mighty.



I could also make a difference not for the red, white, and blue

Maybe I could help those who are victims of natural disasters,

Or maybe help those who are impoverished in third-world countries.


“Can I be the one who isn’t driven by rage

Or the one who isn’t green with envy?”


I don’t know,

Maybe I will become a cookie cutter politician

One who runs for reelection,

And not for the good of the country.


But I want to make a difference,

And to see that there is change for all.


After all, money can determine social class,

But it cannot determine the most important factor

Which racists, capitalists, and dictators can’t accept,

We are all h-u-m-a-n.



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