Trayvon Zero Zimmerman One


Zimmerman shot the gun before he could think. All trayvon wanted was a candy and a drink.
So he threw on his hood for his walk to the store. He wasn't asking for anything more. 
On his way home, he was followed by a stranger, of course he thought he was in immediate danger. 
Now what part of him made zimmerman think his only choice was to shoot.
Was it the skittles, was it the tea, or was it the color of his skin, all this racism needs to end.
No he wasn't an innocent boy, but he did nothing wrong. All he wanted was something to snack on. 
He wasn't drunk driving, he didn't have a gun. He was no immediate threat, trayvon zero zimmerman one. 
Now trayvons dead, the public notices what was wrong, zimmerman used color to depict his choice. Now trayvon martin, has no voice. 
We speak for him now, but we don't know what he would want us to say. Stop violence, stop the hate.
Stop judging by the skin of any mans face. 
Control your guns, control your hand one flick of a finger can end a life span.



I love this poem, keep up the good work. Phenomenal job on word association and really drawing your readers in.


This is amazing and beautiful. Made me tear up a little.

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