Story of my life


United States
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The butterfly is in search of a safe place,
In which she can lay her small fragile egg.
She finally finds that perfect place, but
Realizes she can’t just stay and flies away.
Push! Push! Goes the caterpillar it wants to break free,
It finds a small, but yet beautiful tree
And falls asleep, just like he dreamed life would be.
He is so naïve……
His mom returns to check on him,
And is disappointed by what she sees.
He wakes up and decided to find his food,
He returns to find, just leaves and no wood.
Night falls, he sees a shooting star,
He hopes his mother is not far.
Poor little thing, all he knows how to do is eat,
Soon he feels like his heart has no more beat.
In search for a place do die,
He finds a limb in which to hide.
The innocent little thing lets God take control,
And makes a new home
Not sure what is happening to him,
All he can do is dream of what he would be,
“I know I haven’t been the best little creature, but I have learned my lesson,
This crazy thing that is happening to me, is helping me regret what I did”
He sees the light, and tries to get out, his body is too fragile.
He has already gone through the worst
And he needs to make the most
Of this new life he is given the opportunity to live.
Fly, Fly,


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