Mine to Hold

Sun, 08/04/2013 - 17:08 -- Avonias

It's all up to me now.. my future is mine to hold. To determine now before I grow old. If I do not work for it it will not be there for me. Shining bright like the sun and bright as can be. I need to assess my options carefully. Taking every step. In case one thing doesn't work out I will not fret. I will continue on as life has taught me. Everything I need to be free.Everything starts with that one person. For my life it is me. I must work to pave my path and leave no stone unturned.Learning all I can. Applying all the lessons I have learned. I must not let my life pass by. Fade away quickly... in the blink of an eye. Everything I do; the decisions I take. Decide my fate. I must decide before it is too late. If I work for it. If I trust who I am. Maybe then I will be able to firmly understand. To grasp the concept of my hopes and dreams. To forever climb higher on sufficient things. But as for now I will do what I can. I will and always will be...who I am. 


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