Waiting for the Sun

A winter night beneath the full moon is all that it takes

To strike the longing heart with the sharp sword of sorrow

Gasping weeps to the night carried by tears that keep me awake

Hoping the sun might bring its enveloping warmth tomorrow

The whispering night cries with me, and the falling stars

Are the tears that light up the sky with soothing shine.

Can I truly wait with the sun being so very far?

Or is it just on the horizon, beyond the stars in decline?

Lying here in the opalescent dark I am kissed by wind

A soft breeze that strokes my cheek, and a whisper of peace

It’s Okaaay it says… Shhhh it breathes to soothe my patience thin

A reminder from the night that my choking sorrow will cease

I can wait for the morning and get through this cold night

And behold the break of fair dawn when arrives the time right. 


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